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How to use CBD Oil to treat anxiety

CBD Oil for Anxiety
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Statistics released about anxiety disorder are quite worrying. In the US, for example, anxiety disorder remains one of the common mental illnesses that affects 40 million people 18 years and older every year. This translates to 18.11% of the population. Even though the condition is treatable, only 36.9% of those affected seek medication. The data from the USA mirrors what is happening around the globe.

Today, the marijuana legalization campaign seems to gain momentum. Many research studies in the medical field have shown the medical efficacy of the plant. Cannabis plants have two primary compounds; THC and CBD.

They work differently when introduced into the body. THC makes you feel high while CBD manages pain, treats anxiety disorder plus other symptoms. Research studies have put forward CBD as an alternative solution for anxiety treatment.

How CBD Oil Works

Anxiety is a mental disorder caused by low serotonin. This is a neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in your overall mental health.

Your body has numerous receptors, which are chemical-based protein structures attached to your body cells. All they do is receive signals from various stimuli. Our primary emphasis lies in CB1 and CB2 receptors. The difference between these two kinds of receptors is their location. You find CB1 and CB2 receptors in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous systems respectively. What CBD does to the CB1 receptor is little known to date. But, it is said to alter the serotonin levels

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What Does Research Say about CBD Oil and Anxiety?

To offer a justification for why CBD Oil should be the new way of treating anxiety, research studies around this subject have been on the rise. However, a good number of them are preclinical. They use animal models to test the efficiency and safety of the compound. Today, thanks to advancements in medical technology, clinical studies that involve human participants are now emerging.

In a double-blind study, researchers picked 37 Japanese teenagers who had a social anxiety disorder (SAD). Each sample member received 300 mg of CBD oil for four weeks. The researcher used the survey applied to diagnose and measure SAD symptoms. This is because the anti-anxiety properties in CBD significantly reduced the symptoms associated with SAD. The CBD showed high efficiency compared to Paroxetine, a drug that doctors use to treat the disease.

In another study, researchers reviewed outpatients at a mental hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado. A sample size of 47 participants was used. These are people who had expressed symptoms of anxiety disorders. For three months, these participants received 25 mg of CBD daily.

The researcher accessed the level of efficiency of CBD oil. 79.2% of the patients reported an improvement in anxiety. After the second month, 78.1% of the patients reported further improvement compared to the first month.  However, a few members of the sample size reported that their symptoms worsened after using the CBD oil.

Several factors may attribute to these variations. Some of these factors include; sample size and dosage. It is important to note that CBD is a bidirectional medicine. This means it is capable of producing opposing responses at different dosages.

How Do You Consume CBD Oil to Treat Anxiety?

There are various ways you can choose to induce CBD oil in your body. You should always choose the method that works for you.

  1. Vaping

Vaping is arguably one of the best methods to introduce CBD oil to your system to reduce anxiety. It ensures you feel the effects of the CBD quickly. This is quite important when it comes to dealing with anxiety. Vaping involves using a pen that vaporizes the CBD oil. You should be extra cautious when you choose to purchase CBD vape cartridges. This is because illicit-market THC vape cartridges are responsible for VAPI, or EVALI, which is a severe lung condition.

  • Edibles

You can add CBD oil to any food. Even though it is a good thing to consume delicious edibles such as gummies together with CBD oil –it may take an hour for you to feel the effect. The oral bioavailability of CBD is known to affect the rate of absorption. Anytime you consume CBD orally, it has to pass through the gastrointestinal before the process of metabolizes starts.  This means the amount that reaches the bloodstream is limited.

  • Sublingual CBD Oils

This method requires you to place a few drops of sublingual CBD oil under the tongue. Also, you can mix it with your favorite beverage. There are membranes found under the tongue that play a crucial role in absorbing the CBD into the bloodstream.

Dosing CBD for Anxiety

You can notice there is a variation in the amount of dosage used in research studies. There is no specific dose for anyone who wants to use CBD oil to overcome anxiety. Well, if you are interested in using CBD oil, you should talk to your doctor. The physician should provide information on the amount of CBD oil to take.

In case you don’t have aces to a doctor we recommend that you take small amounts of CBD oil and increase gradually. Ensure you keep track of the dosage amounts and changes in symptoms. When you feel that the CBD oil has dealt with the symptoms, that should be your optimal dosage.

However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should seek the input of a physician before using CBD oil. The compound may have adverse effects on your baby or your health.

Side Effects

There is no cause to worry as CBD oil is generally safe. However, some users may report the following side effects after CBD intake:

  • changes in appetite
  • changes in weight
  • diarrhea
  • fatigue

You can as well experience withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly stop taking your CBD oil. These symptoms include:

  • dizziness
  • irritability
  • nausea

It is no doubt that CBD oil can help in anxiety treatment or management. You have all the information on how CBD oil works, its side effects, and how to consume it. We still stress the need to consult your doctor on the right dosage.

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