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Savage CBD Review: 1000 mg CBD, Oil Tincture, Gummies, and Pet Spray

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The CBD industry is among the fastest growing industries in the US. Since it is still in its infancy, many CBD companies are striving to establish better brand presence than their competitors in their pursuit of capturing a lion’s share of this lucrative industry. One such brand is Savage CBD.

About Savage CBD

Savage CBD has its headquarters in Irvine and even though the company has very sparse details about their identity, they have plenty of pictures of the brains behind the brand and how to contact them.

The fact that Savage CBD didn’t disclose too much information about their origins doesn’t make them any inferior to their competitors. In fact, once website visitors lay their eyes on their wide array of products, they instantly forget about everything else.

One little detail that made Savage CBD really stand out was the fact that the third-party lab results of their entire line of products is available on their website. Even though the brand has clearly stated that these lab results are purely for R&D purposes, it is kind of reassuring for existing and potential customers that Savage CBD periodically tests their products.

With our favorite thing about this brand out of the way, it is time to roll out the reviews and describe in detail what we experienced when we tried Savage CBD products.

Savage CBD 1000mg

If you’re a fan of vaping and you would like to spice up your experience, then Savage CBD might just be the perfect way of going about it. The Savage 1000mg CBD is a concoction of e-juice that can be added into vaping devices.

The Savage CBD 1000mg is sold in 6 unique fruity flavors and we were lucky enough to taste-test the Serene e-juice. The notes of apple were not only evident in the taste of each puff of smoke, but also clearly evident in the smell.

Additionally, each Savage CBD 1000mg bottle consists of 30 ml of the pristine e-juice, which by the way, is more than enough for a week’s worth of smoke. Longevity aside, these e-juices are sold in 3 different variants of strength. Other than the 1000mg variant, you can also easily find 250mg or 500mg variants of the same product.

Since there are so many variants to choose from, beginner vapors can easily try each strength to determine which they are most comfortable with. We would suggest starting at 250mg and then working your way up to higher strengths.

Why Vape CBD?

Vaping CBD is a proven method of maximizing the miraculous properties of CBD. This method allows for the body to consume more CBD since vaping allows for the substance’s bioavailability to launch all the way up to 90%. In other words, a very small percentage of your investment has to go to waste.

Of course, you can always choose to lower the dose of your CBD but still experience the same benefits. For instance, CBD edibles offer users a bioavailability anywhere between 30% and 50% – which brings us to another interesting line of Savage CBD products.

Savage CBD Oil Tincture

CBD oil is arguably the most popular product in Savage CBD’s portfolio and every marketing effort from the brand in this regard has focused on the vitality and health benefits for users. This includes the guarantee that their CBD oil tinctures are not only completely free from pesticides and chemicals, but also 100% free from side effects.

Savage CBD’s oil tinctures are sold in 2 exotic flavors, namely, Pink Grapefruit and Lemon Lime flavors. These flavors are an interesting detail because most of the CBD oil tinctures sold in the industry are flavorless. With an exotic flavor, users will be able to enjoy their CBD edibles since the instructions direct users to pour 5-10 drops of the substance and keep it under the tongue for a minute or so.

Each of Savage CBD’s oil tinctures are sold in 30ml bottles and, again, you can choose between three different strength variants. These include the 1000mg, 1500mg and the 2000mg bottle and each of them are priced fairly based on their strength.

Since we tested the Lemon Lime flavor, we chose to add a few drops to iced tea and a glass of water. The resultant taste was neither overpowering nor tangy enough to make us want to take smaller sips.

Savage CBD Gummies

Savage Gummies may be a terrifying name for the otherwise cute little edible figurines but, apparently, these gummies are savage when they are up against chronic pain. If you’re dealing with chronic pain and are experiencing difficulties living your life to the fullest, then you might want to dig into a handful of these.

CBD gummies are relatively new in the market for edibles but we assure you they aren’t any less of a fun experience to consume as compared to common gummy bears. Of course, this is exactly what the CBD industry bargained for and so did Savage CBD.

Each pack of Savage Gummies consists of 6 gummy bears and each of these gummy bears is packed with 50mg of CBD. While the packaging and flavor isn’t very different from their competition, we did notice that other products tend to have a far lower dosage per gummy bear. Since this product is priced competitively, it is easy to deduce that Savage Gummies have more to offer from the bargain.

But wait, there’s more. One other detail that really sets these gummy bears apart from the other we have tested in the past is their taste. Most other CBD gummies taste a lot like medicine or just have a bland taste. However, Savage Gummies not only taste great but their fun red, orange, green and yellow colors actually had us fighting for which gummy we consumed!

Savage CBD Pet Spray

Who said CBD’s benefits were limited to humans? Science has proven that pet parents can also give their furry friends a dose of CBD and hence Savage CBD doesn’t want to miss out on all the fun.

Savage CBD’s Full Spectrum Pet Spray has been formulated with 100% vegan ingredients and this only goes to prove that the brand wants nothing less than the best for your pets. This spray makes use of MCT as its carrier oil and each bottle of 60ml consists of 500mg of the best CBD oil known to animal-kind.

Why Does Your Pet Need to Join in on the Action?

Just as CBD is known to have a calming effect on human beings, it guarantees similar effects on animals as well. For instance, if your pet always seems to be jittery or is stressed out, a little bit of this CBD pet spray can definitely help them dial down and get relaxed.

Another reason why CBD oil is popular among pet owners is that it can naturally help them manage the weight of their pals. If you think your pet is gradually putting on too much weight and might be becoming unhealthy during this process, CBD can always help you keep a check on their eating habits.

Additionally, CBD is also very helpful for older pets. Just like humans, their pets start to experience joint pains as they age. The CBD pet spray has also been proven to relieve joint pain while simultaneously enabling pets to experience a healthier range of motion.

What About the Savage CBD Website?

CBD Services

Savage CBD has ensured that their website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. Our team did not encounter any problems while navigating through their incredibly detailed website. Other than the third-party lab results we mentioned above, Savage CBD has also added a very helpful section where customers can keep track of their orders.

In order to track the progress of your order, all you need to do is enter your email address and tracking number and voila, the website will output the status of your order. We found this feature to be very helpful since customers need constant reassurance that their orders are processed professionally and that they can get a heads up on when they can expect delivery.

Similarly, Savage CBD has also added a section on their website which is entirely dedicated to placing and tracking wholesale orders. Of course, this section is for B2B clients and we assumed that the brand is offering discounts for bulk orders. However, they did mention that their B2B services include making private-labels for retailers.

CBD Information

Aside from their range of services, Savage CBD has also made it a habit to post relevant CBD information and updates on their website to teach their customers about this developing industry. We sifted through a couple of articles and found them very informative and focused on teaching interested readers and researchers about their supplements.

Our Verdict

Savage CBD seems to be after that market share we spoke about earlier and they aren’t doing so with the help of random marketing gimmicks. Instead, they are doing the healthy thing and delivering premium quality products while helping their consumer base keep abreast about all the latest information about CBD.

If you’re about to take our word for it and are about to order your first Savage CBD products, go ahead and check for their latest coupon codes. During the time we wrote this review, Savage CBD advertised that interested consumers can use code 30PERCENT for a 30% discount on their entire range of products. Who knows, maybe they have a better offer now?

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