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Just CBD Review: Gummies, Edibles, Vape Pens and More

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Ideally, if you’re on the lookout for a CBD brand, you will probably only trust brands that have been around for a long time. While we agree with you on this, we would also like to add that this isn’t the only factor that sets the best CBD brands from the rest.

Just CBD, for instance, is a relatively new brand (established in 2017) and this doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t capable of delivering quality CBD products. On the contrary, this brand has managed to gain a lot of popularity recently because of its CBD oils and CBD gummies. Whether this is because of the fact that they responsibly share lab reports of all of their products or because they ship out to all 50 states in the US and a wide range of countries all over the world, we are still unsure.

For this reason, we have decided to follow suit and test Just CBD for ourselves. When we’re through the testing phase, we will compile our review for the best-selling products sold by this brand.

Just CBD Product Reviews

Just CBD Oil Tinctures

The first thing that sparked our interest here was the fact that Just CBD has three3 very interesting varieties to choose from. These include the liquid honey tincture, the hemp seed oil, and an exotic coconut oil tincture. Among these three, we were pretty impressed by the liquid honey tincture.

You see, most CBD brands avoid adding extra sweeteners or sugars in their products. This is why adding honey into a CBD tincture is a very clever way of sweetening up the experience. Also, it seems as if a lot of their customers were impressed with the way they dramatically improved the way tinctures tasted alongside introducing the natural benefits of honey.

Moving along, each of these three flavors is available in 6 unique potencies, where the strongest bottle consists of 1500mg of CBD, whereas the weakest kind is labeled to contain 50mg.

In addition to these varieties of CBD oil tinctures, you can also choose their Daily Dose products that have a potency of 2000mg. Since they contain such a high dosage of CBD, they are enough for just one accurate dose per day.

Just CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are meant to allow users to experience the benefits of CBD in a more exciting and fun way as compared to CBD oil tinctures. Generally, these are sold in a variety of tasty flavors. However, Just CBD managed to remove the strong aftertaste most other brands can’t seem to get rid of.

Each transparent container of Just CBD gummy bears consists of many color choices, which include peach rings, blueberry rings, apple rings, sour worms, and so many more. Each of these gummy bear containers is sold in different potencies, which include many varieties that range from 250mg all the way up to 3000mg.

Note: The plant that is used to make Just CBD Gummies also consists of a smidgen of THC (0.2mg), and this quantity is considered legal in all 50 states.

Lastly, if you’re diet-conscious eater or diabetic and work hard to keep your sugar intake in check, you can skip all of the above-mentioned flavors and opt for their sugar-free versions. An added benefit of buying the ‘healthier’ version of Just CBD Gummies is that they also have no cholesterol.

Just CBD Edibles

Since we’re discussing CBD edibles, Just CBD has a scrumptious surprise for you. They have managed to produce many different edibles, but the best-seller to date has got to be the Just Chocolate Cocoa Quinoa Bites. These CBD edibles are sold in a luxurious container and consist of organic quinoa, bittersweet chocolate, and of course, cannabidiol.

Not only does this product combine CBD and chocolate, but they have managed to completely mask the natural tart-like taste of CBD. Moreover, each container of this treat consists of 17 to 23 pieces of the edibles, each with a potency of 250mg of CBD.

Again, for those healthy eaters who are keeping count, the calorie per serving of these CBD edibles is 310. 

Just CBD Vape Pens

Just CBD has also included rechargeable vape pens into the product portfolio for people who have a very on-the-go lifestyle. This is why their vape pens have been designed to puff on while you walk down the street or even in bed, before going to sleep

Each of their vaporizer pens is available in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. It seems as if each of these products was designed while keeping their target market in mind because they look very aesthetically pleasing.

As for the CBD oil that is added io oil these vape pens, users will be able to choose from 8 very satisfying flavors. You can keep switching between refreshing and fruity flavors and also choose from 4 different potencies. These include 1000mg, 500 mg, 250mg and even 100mg.

Each of these vape oils is manufactured using USP grade vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. None of these formulations consist of tobacco and can only be used for the vaporizers.

Note: CBD vape oils cannot be used as a substitute for topical CBD oils or CBD oil tinctures.

Just CBD Soap and Bath Bombs

Each CBD user has their own way of consuming the substance to ease away stress and enter a relaxed state of body and mind. To cater to each consumer’s unique needs, Just CBD also came up with CBD Soap and Bath Bombs that help users feel rejuvenated and refreshed. What’s even better, these products have been designed to bring back the user’s natural skin health by healing minor skin ailments or conditions.

Each of these hemp soaps is sold in 4 separate variants, whereas the bath bombs are offered in 6 variants. Just CBD Bath Bombs consist of corn starch, sodium bicarbonate, essential oils, Epsom salt, and 25mg of hemp isolate.

Meanwhile, their CBD soap has been found to be very effective for minor skin conditions because it consists of palm oil, coconut oil, organic olive oil, and, of course, hemp oil. However, if you have dry skin and want to moisturize it, then you’re probably better off with Just CBD’s Massage Oil. This product is sold in 2 incredible variants, namely the 250mg and the 500mg oil.

Just CBD Pain Products

Among the many magical benefits of CBD is to relieve pain, and how could we possibly miss out on a product that specializes in relieving pain? Now Just CBD has a couple of products that can help consumers with their pain, but one product that deserves a shout-out is Just CBD’s Infused Pain Cream.

This pain cream can be found in 2 different potencies – 250mg and 100mg. Also, each of these bottles consists of organic hemp seed oil, hemp CBD extract, organic aloe, witch hazel water, rose flower water, sunflower seed, and Vitamin E.

If you aren’t a huge fan of topical creams, you can also settle for Just CBD’s roll-on products. Not only are they much more comfortable to apply, but they also consist of high potencies of CBD and feel very refreshing on your skin.

Just CBD Pet Products

Now that you have everything to stock your CBD stash with, how about we introduce you to something that could help relax your furry little friends as well? Just CBD has also included a particularly interesting line of CBD products for pets, and here’s everything you need to know.

If you have a cat, Just CBD has very appealing tuna, and salmon flavored CBD tinctures to spark the interest of their feline instincts. For dogs, however, you can buy CBD tinctures that have a healthy beef or bacon flavor.

Each of these above-mentioned tinctures can be found in 3 strengths, depending on how much your pets need to ‘relax.’ You can choose between 500mg, 250mg, and 100mg yourself or consult a veterinarian before adding these products to your pet’s treats or drinks. This should be done because there is a predetermined amount of CBD prescribed by veterinarians according to the severity of pet ailments or the conditions you wish the CBD to subdue.

If you’re not comfortable lacing your pet’s treats with CBD oil tinctures, then you could also buy very interesting pet treats that are already infused with a healthy amount of CBD. For instance, we were particularly intrigued by their 100mg CBD Steak Bites.

Final Words

Having read through the reviews of Just CBD best sellers, it is hard to believe that this brand is a new player in the CBD industry. However, it is not surprising that they are constantly gaining traction among CBD users because they are willing to cater to every unique need out there.

This brand already has a vibrant list of products, and we’re sure they are continually working to elongate this list. We would also like to tip our hat to this brand because of the variety of flavors and potencies they have managed to add to each category of product.

If you don’t prefer to taste the CBD and favor low dose products, we would highly recommend visiting Just CBD’s website and giving their CBD creations a whirl.

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