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CBD, one of the hundreds of cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, has become a primary ingredient of health and wellness products in the last decade. It won’t be wrong to say that the entire landscape of medical marijuana revolves around the efficacy of CBD as a therapeutic organic molecule.

The growing acceptance and acknowledgment of CBD as a medicinal molecule has created an entire industry. Now, you can find CBD oils, tinctures, and topicals from a host of manufactures. However, only a few of those CBD manufacturers are trustworthy and offer quality products. CBD Medic is one of them.  

If you or your loved ones have been recommended to use CBD as an alternative for traditional medicines and you are searching for a reliable company, then continue reading this detailed review of CBD Medic and its various products.

About CBD Medic

Before we review different CBD Medic products, it is imperative to have an overview of it as an enterprise.  To begin with, CBD Medic doesn’t operate like many other CBD companies that offer all types of CBD products. Since its launch, CBD Medic has kept its focus on offering oils and other CBD topicals for a range of musculoskeletal and skin conditions.

The reason why CBD Medic has remained exclusive to CBD topicals is that each of its products is made after 15 years of rigorous and thorough pharmaceutical testing and research. Due to this uncompromised approach towards quality, CBD Medic is the leading CBD topical manufacturer of the country.

Why Do We Like CBD Medic?

It is important to mention here that all our liking and appreciation for CBD Medic is solely for objective reasons. Below are some of those reasons.

Using All-Natural Ingredients

Many companies promise to offer CBD products with all-natural ingredients, but they fail to live up to that claim. That’s not the case with CBD Medic.  Besides CBD sourced from organically grown hemp plants, all other ingredients of CBD Medic products (with few exceptions) are also natural. No artificial dyes, toxins, and steroids are used in its topicals.

A Well-Thought-Out Website

The thing that caught our attention when we started researching about CBD Medic was its website. Everything on its website is well-organized, and users can easily navigate through its pages to find out the product or information they are looking for. This well-thought-out website makes for a seamless online shopping experience.

Same-Day Shipping

To further enhance your online shopping experience, CBD Medic offers same-day shipping. If you place your order before noon, you will get your shipment within the same day. We haven’t come across any other CBD company that has such an agile and quick shipping mechanism. On top of that, the shipping is free with no terms and conditions.


We are also impressed by how CBD Medic is transparent about its products. You can view the lab report of all its available product batches on its website to know how a CBD topical is manufactured with what ingredients and processes.

The Ron Gronkowski Connection

One can’t talk about CBD Medic without mentioning its association with Ron Gronkowski. The three-time professional football champion had to take early retirement due to musculoskeletal complications.  Ron started a CBD-based treatment, and CBD Medic’s topical played an integral role in speeding up his recovery and getting him back to the playfield.

The successful recovery with no side effects persuaded Ron to partner with Medic’s parent company Abacus Health Products.

Room for Improvement

Even though CBD Medic is doing exceptionally well on all fronts, but like any successful enterprise, there are few areas where it can strive for improvement. For instance, despite having an impressive nationwide shipping system, CBD Medic’s international shipping caters to a very limited number of destinations. The company should also expand the range of CBD potencies in its products.

CBD Medic Oil

Oils are the most common CBD products. But still, very few are categorically manufactured for massage therapy.  CBD Medic has realized this limited availability of CBD massage therapy oils and hence launched a topical particularly for that purpose.

For all those people suffering from sore, stiff and aching muscles, CBD Medic Massage Oil is a godsend. Its deep absorbing properties relieve the stiff muscles and heal the soreness gradually and naturally. Like any other CBD Medic product, this oil also consists of all-natural ingredients. From essential oils to pain-relievers, including CBD, everything comes from 100% organic sources.

This CBD massage therapy topical contains a well-thought-out blend of argan, jojoba, myrrh, coconut, frankincense, and honeysuckle oils. This mixture of around 100ml is topped up with 200mg of pure CBD extracts from the organic hemp plant. The regular massage of this wonder CBD oil blend ensures you don’t have to put up with aching body and muscles even for a second.

CBD Medic Sports Products

CBD Medic has always had a branding that revolves around an active lifestyle. The partnership with Ron Gronkowski has furthered further reinforced this image. To live up to that reputation, CBD Medic has introduced a couple of products under the banner of Active Sports Therapy that is particularly designed for pre and post-workout use.

For instance, the Active Sports Pain Relief Stick is made for all those people who want to get rid of their muscular pains on the go. Its stick construction makes it easy to use and without creating the mess of a typical cream and ointment that you can’t use while outside. Whether its muscle strain, pull, or joint distress, you can use this stick amid your sports/workout activity to continue it.

This 30gm CBD pain-relieving stick contains 200mg of hemp-sourced pure CBD extracts. The other ingredients of the stick include various natural moisturizers. If you want a more thorough rub on the pulled/strained muscles and sore joints, you can get this Active Sports Pain Relief formula in ointment form as well.

CBD Medic Arthritis Products

Arthritis highlights the swelling and tenderness of joints caused by age, injury, or genetic history. It is one of those medical conditions that take a toll on one’s active lifestyle. CBD Medic has also introduced some products for people suffering from arthritis so they can maintain their mobility and don’t resort to a completely sedentary lifestyle.

CBD Medic offers two products in this category: Arthritis Aches & Pain Relief Ointment and Cream. The ointment contains more concentration of CBD extracts and, therefore, suitable for acute arthritic conditions. The cream, on the other hand, is a perfect pain-relieving cream and moisturizer. Use of CBD Medic’s Arthritis Cream doesn’t just reduce the swelling of joints but also nourishes and repairs the dead and dry skin.

We also like the packaging of those Arthritis products. The ointment comes in a bottom-down easy-to-use bottle, and the cream comes in a dispensing bottle.

CBD Medic General Pain Relief Products

Apart from offering pain relief products for athletes, fitness freaks, and arthritis patients, CBD Medics also offers products for general pain relief. For example, you can get an ointment for back and neck muscles. This ointment provides relief to a strained upper and lower back. You can also use it on shoulders, waistline, in fact, anywhere on the body to treat muscle bruises and soreness.

CBD Medic also offers solutions for ankle and foot pain. Whether you feel stiffness in your toes or throbbing in the ankle, you can use CBD Medic’s pain relief stick that is primarily made for feet and the adjacent areas. This pain-relieving formula is also available in ointment form.

CBD Medic’s Skincare Products

CBD Medic has also forayed into making skincare products. Like its other products, the formulas used in CBD Medic’s skincare products contain natural ingredients and don’t have any side effects.

CBD Medic Acne Cream

CBD Medic has formulated a CBD cream for people who are more prone to developing acne, blemishing, pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. The product is hypoallergenic and free of any artificial fragrances that often aggravates the acne problem.

We also like the honesty of CBD Medic in labeling this acne cream. Instead of using the same template of “100% naturally derived,” it has changed the acne cream’s label to “98% naturally derived” because it also contains salicylic acid.

CBD Medic Eczema Ointment

The eczema ointment by CBD Medic is worth a try for all those people who have failed to manage their skin condition from regular off-the-shelf topicals. Apart from delivering the topical therapeutic benefits of CBD, the ointment also contains natural moisturizing ingredients that bring relief from the irritation caused by eczema and atopic dermatitis.

CBD Medic Facial Cleanser

The Facial Cleanser by CBD Medic is made of 100% natural products and doesn’t contain petroleum, paraben, and other synthetic ingredients.  Even the potassium oleate and glycerin used in the cleanser to make foam are derived from organic sources. The cleanser is perfect for all types of skin. It is hypoallergenic and doesn’t clog skin pores to cause acne and blackhead.

CBD Medic Itch & Rash Ointment

CBD Medic’s Itch & Rash Ointment is also almost (99%) natural product. It contains the active organic ingredient of colloidal oatmeal known for its therapeutic effect for skin redness and allergies. It is mixed with CBD extracts that pace up the healing speed of skin rashes.

Our Final Thoughts

From the above-detailed discussion, it is clear that CBD Medic has aced the category of CBD topicals. From specialized products for athletes and sportspeople to acne creams and face cleansers, it offers all types of CBD formulas for non-oral use.

Despite being a leading CBD company, CBD Medic doesn’t shy away from giving discounts to its consumers. For instance, you can get a straight 15% discount on all the products we have reviewed here when you subscribe to its Self Care program. You can also get a one-time 10% off on all CBD Medic products for signing up for its newsletter.

Last but not least, you get free shipping at CBD Medic for all items irrespective of how many products you order. The combination of top-quality and primarily natural topicals with discount offers and free shipping make CBD Medics one of the best companies on the CBD map.

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